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Morris is a fashion brand established at the turn of the millennium. With its unique take on British prep, the brand quickly made a name for itself. However, over the years they had lost some of their youthful appeal and it was time to bring back some spark back into their brand. Enter a new investor with a strong belief in the brand. And Morris reached out to us.

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A rebel at heart

It was clear that Morris had a harder time motivating their price point. They needed to inject playfulness and the confidence to stand out, an attitude that abounded in their founder Jan Alsén. The brand was an extension of him, and of his love for timelessness with a twist. Living life to the fullest, while always remaining stylish. Capturing his essence would provide a story that was as compelling as it was true.

Timeless style with a little bit of zest

With the story in place, we armed the talented inhouse team with laser focus. “Style, never out of style” and “Timeless style with a little bit of zest” served as their shorthand for capturing the essence of their story. We also brought their craftsmanship to the forefront, displaying their know-how and affirming their premium positioning. They decided to skip their women’s collection and focus entirely on men. The decision was a wise one. It would allow them to stand out and focus on their strengths.

Balancing prep and quirk

Visually, we created a world of contrasts. Colliding the classic with the unexpected and finding the exact right balance between the two created a visual world for Morris to inhabit. We applied this clash to everything from typeface to color palette, giving them a sober backdrop with an accent of bright orange.

Creating real reach

To entice a younger audience, Morris needed to communicate like a fashion brand of today. We provided the tools to go from big campaigns to always-on marketing, from store bought to e-commerce and from print to social media. We created relevant guides on how to dress stylishly in unexpected situations, perfect for social media posting. The world of Morris was ever present.

Back to Morris

With Morris, there was no need to create something entirely new. We simply and successfully brought them back to their core and found new ways of letting the world know.

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