Joining a beloved outdoor brand



Fjällräven is a heritage brand with a rich history. It is arguably one of the most beloved outdoor brands out there and is so for good reason. Through stylish, clever designs and unique, patented materials, Fjällräven has helped people to walk in nature and enjoy its boundless beauty, for decades. Also, their dedication to sustainability is impressive, with a clear-cut goal and a commitment that started long before anyone identified consumption as anything detrimental to the well-being of the world.

What we did:


Iconography Illustrations Motion concept Retail concept Guidelines


Iconography production Illustration concept and production direction Logotype animation Motion design templates Retail concept guidelines


Strengthening team fox

A few years back, we were approached by Fjällräven to strengthen their talented inhouse team. A set team will always have limits and we were asked to employ our expertise. Also, no inhouse team in the world can bring that invaluable outside perspective every brand needs.

A long-term relationship

Today, we are embedded within the Fjällräven team, providing what they lack. Adding expertise, strategic insight and fresh angles. Producing any skill set that they need. But most of all, bringing the business insight and political sensitivity that is needed to become an indispensable part of a team and forming a relationship that is built to last.

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