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One of Sweden’s most prominent youtubers and influencers Therése Lindgren is known not only for her talent in beauty, but also for her commitment to animal rights, veganism, and the mental wellbeing of young women. Along with many of her peers, Therése longed for effective and affordable vegan skincare products, but found the market to be lacking.

What we did:


Brand positioning


Visual identity Packaging design Guidelines


Copywriting Implementation plan

Packaged ambition

And so, Indy Beauty was born – a 100% vegan skincare brand with the ambition to boost young women with confidence now in need of a visual expression and packaging design that would reflect Therése’s ambitions.

Beautiful inside and out

Clean. Elegant. Honest. Feminine. Indy Beauty products needed to give the right impression, maintain a strong connection to Therése and stand out. Embracing typography as an approach for these goals, our strategy was a branding and packaging solution inspired by love and as straightforward as Therése herself. Carrying the message that when we love ourselves, we can love others.

Packaging you’ll fall for

Indy Beauty’s packaging resonated not only with Therése’s loyal following, but also with a wide variety of users as well. Through providing a system, rather than simply a visual identity, we have given Indy Beauty ample room to expand their product line, safe in the knowledge that Therése’s positivity will always shine through.

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