Cleaning water with sunlight



Using sunlight to purify water, Solvatten is a truly groundbreaking company in the impact sector. Founded by inventor Petra Wadström, it sets out to solve one of the major challenges facing humanity, the scarcity of clean drinking water. By pouring dirty water into a portable unit and leaving it in the sun for a couple of hours, the water is purified. Due to the geographical correlation between an excess of sunlight and poor water quality, Solvatten’s potential is immense.

What we did:


Visual identity Iconography Motion design UX/UI design Website


Copywriting Scriptwriting Photography direction SEO Design templates Office templates


Front-end development Back-end development Prototyping

Nobody can do everything…

We were contracted by Petra Wadström and her team to develop the new brand. Being an unknown product, creating an identity that provided an immediate grasp of the concept was crucial. For an unknown non-profit organization heavily reliant on donations, inspiring trust was a must.

A brand that shines

The new brand identity was designed to be as communicative as possible. The logotype embodied the essence of Solvatten – sun rays and water molecules. The same idea gave birth to the sunny color palette, the iconography, and the dotted patterns and graphics. In contrast were the brand images that exuded humanism and compassion.

UX that kept on giving

The hub of the brand was the website. We streamlined the UX to bring in as many donations as possible and to combat the skepticism unknown non-profit organizations often encounter. We applied complete transparency to the allocation of donations received.

A bright future

Solvatten has grown to become an internationally acclaimed organization, with world leaders such as Barack Obama proclaiming it “a wonderful achievement”. We take no credit for that – Petra Wadström’s brilliance is where credit is due. But we’d like to think that the brand played an important part in helping her get her message across.

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