A big player with a
big heart


Skandia has a long history. In fact, the company provided the very first life insurance available in Sweden. When the Stockholm Stock Exchange opened in 1863, Skandia stocks were among the first to be sold. Today, the company keeps pushing forward, helping ordinary people enjoy the present and worry less about tomorrow.

What we did:


Brand architecture Brand platform Brand positioning Naming Communication Strategy


Visual identity Verbal identity Iconography Illustrations Motion design UX/UI design Packaging Websites and apps Retail/Environmental Guidelines/Brand portals Copywriting Photography direction and production Motion video direction and production Design templates Office templates Prototyping


Skandia increased its customer satisfaction 
in 2019 accordingly to YouGov’s BrandIndex, 
and was place second on the list of brands that increased their brand advocacy the most.

Defining the brand

Due to confusion regarding what Skandia does, most people saw them as just another retail bank. Some things needed to be clarified and communicated. Firstly, that Skandia is a life insurance company – and a life insurance company only – that cares about you and helps you invest for a bright future. Secondly, we needed to make the insurance products more comprehensible. Also, their overall expression did not reflect a premium life insurance company.

Packaging the intangible

To clarify what Skandia actually offers, we decided to package their products, literally, making the intangible tangible. From then on, we modernized their visual identity, updated web pages, newsletters, ads and banners – and not to be forgotten – their new image bank. Almost 100 new photographs, 3D renders and animations, each of them with a clear message, but all with the same look and feel – premium yet warm and human.

“Essen has worked continuously and across disciplines to solve one of our biggest challenges – to make the difficult easy and the challenging engaging. They've really helped us stand out, and I believe we're now perceived as more accessible as well as more attractive.”

Per Lundh

Brand Strategist, Skandia


Signed. Sealed. Delivered.

Today, Skandia has a clear position – a big player with a big heart, offering products for life, comprehensibly packaged, making it easier for people to make informed decisions about their future.

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