Rebranding Sweden’s fastest growing fintech startup

Growing beyond the borders of Sweden


Gimi is an app that teaches kids how to earn, save and spend their own money. The company behind it, recently listed as one of Sweden’s fastest growing fintech startups, have their goals set high – to become the world’s leading financial platform for young people. In late 2017, they asked us to develop a global brand to help them achieve this.

Meet Piggy, the digital piggy bank


Back in the days, we had piggy banks. That’s how we learned the value of money. But piggy banks were made for bills and coins. The old kind of money. Kids today don’t have that. They have numbers in an account. Digital money. So, they need a digital piggy bank. That’s the idea behind Piggy – a concept we developed together with the daring and creative team at Gimi.

Where cyberspace meets reality


Piggy, being a digital pig, lives in cyberspace, and from there encourages and gives advice. But the kids who use the app obviously live in the real world. They’re asked to perform real tasks. And, the money they earn is real too. Fusing these two realities is the fundamental idea behind the brand identity. Pixelated meets organic. Digital money becomes real rewards.

A visual identity in two parts


The visual identity consists of two parts. One part connects to Piggy’s world. Hence, it’s pixelated and uses colors inspired by internet nostalgia and old school gaming. The other part connects to the real world and is more organic with soft tones of pink and a touch of deep blue. Both parts are expressed through a huge amount of icons and illustrations. And, of course, a new logotype.

Digital product design


With the visual identity in place, we moved on to putting it to use. In other words, we designed the digital product – the app. This task presented a somewhat unusual challenge, as Gimi is an app used by kids as well as their parents. In short, it had to be playful without being childish. Entertaining yet educating. Judging from the feedback so far, we succeeded.

“At Gimi, we believe that Financial Superskills are essential in a modern cashless society and that kids should learn early on how to earn, save and spend their own money. So we’re building the best personal finance app on the planet – for kids and parents alike. Founded in Stockholm in 2015, Gimi aims to become the world’s leading financial platform for young people”

Philip Haglund, CEO and Founder, Gimi


  • Visual identity

  • Guidelines

  • Bespoke UI Iconography

  • Bespoke UI Illustrations

  • Motion design

  • UX/UI design

  • Websites and apps


  • Copywriting

  • Photography direction

  • In-app animations

  • Logo animation

  • Animated brand launch film

  • Storyboard

  • Scriptwriting

  • Design templates