It fits

SIS, Swedish Institute for Standards, is the national Swedish standards organization. A network of experts who work to create international standards. Standards that allow companies to better work together and customers to know what they can expect.

Fit for the standards of the future


SIS has gone through a successful change program under the leadership of CEO Thomas Idermark. A change that modernized the business and increased its relevance today and tomorrow.

It fits


The new branding took its starting point in the notion of “it fits” – the given result when working together with well-developed standards. The idea is communicated through the logotype, iconography and image concept.

Part of ISO


The color palette was updated with a primary red to strengthen SIS’s ties with its parent organization ISO.

A warm embrace


The new branding was launched in the spring of 2019 and has been very well received by both members and the external public.


  • Visual identity

  • Iconography

  • UI design

  • Motion design


  • Copywriting

  • Illustrations