Injecting new energy into a major energy company

Big deals, big ideas, big challenges


OX2 paints on a large canvas. The company accepted one of the greatest challenges of our time – the creation of a sustainable society and a 100% renewable energy sector. Now, they provide huge companies such as Google and IKEA with massive amounts of renewable energy through numerous wind power parks, located all over northern Europe.

Relentless, never-ending progress


OX2 has a nice saying: ‘our energy never ends’. In addition to describing the solutions they provide, the saying also references the company’s mindset and work ethic. In other words, OX2 prides themselves on constantly pushing things forward. But that was no longer apparent in their ageing brand identity and website. It was time to take the next leap forward.


From start to never-ending energy


As mentioned above, OX2 is a company with big ideas. And, the work we set out to do together was big too. First off, we developed of a new brand platform. The platform was transformed into a new brand identity. The identity was implemented in a new website. And, there were other implementations too. Annual reports, brochures, signage and Office templates to name just a few examples.

A brand that inspires trust


In OX2’x line of business, it’s crucial to inspire trust and never fail to live up that promise. Hence, we went for a precise typeface, strictly gridded layouts, and a subtle color palette. A green gradient was added to create an organic, progressive feel. This aspect of the brand was further enhanced through dynamic graphic elements, forward-moving typographic treatment, graphs in strong colors, etc.

Answers in the wind


After the new brand identity was approved, we moved straight onto the website. It was a major overhaul, for sure. OX2 wanted to be a lot more transparent and to the point. The ambition was that everyone from customer and major investor to press and everyday people interested in wind power should be able to find the answers they’re looking for.


Power in numbers


Our collaboration with OX2 involved a lot of details and individual assets. One such asset that might be of extra interest, is the graphic treatment of the logotype and certain numbers. The brief we got was to somehow show ordinary but hugely important numbers in a non-ordinary way. Our solution was to have the numbers shattered by force. Or wind power, if you will.

Answers in the wind


Everything was launched almost exactly at once in June 2019. The new brand identity, the new website, the first new annual report, etc. It’s too soon to say anything of the financial effects of the rebranding. But when it comes to the ambition taking a leap forward, to really look and feel like the progressive company that OX2 is, we dare say: mission complete.


  • Brand architecture

  • Brand platform

  • Brand positioning

  • Naming

  • Communication strategy

  • Qualitative and quantitative research studies


  • Visual identity

  • Verbal identity

  • Iconography

  • Illustrations

  • Motion design

  • UX/UI design

  • Websites and apps

  • Guidelines/ Brand portals


  • Copywriting

  • Photography direction and production

  • Motion video direction and production

  • SEO

  • Implementation plan

  • Design templates

  • Office templates


  • Front-end development

  • Back-end development

  • Prototyping

  • Integration support