A brand, completely



Sigma IT focuses on technology and has high growth ambitions and a strong entrepreneurial drive. With a new positioning in place their focus forward was digital transformation and more precisely their expertise within strategy, tech and communication. We were brought in to create an entirely new name and identity to meet their new positioning and separate Sigma IT from other Sigma brands.

What we did:


Brand architecture 
Brand platform Brand positioning Naming Qualitative and quantitative research studies


Visual identity Verbal identity Bespoke typeface Iconography Illustrations Motion design UX/UI design Websites and apps Guidelines/ Brand portals


Freedom to operate search Pre-file search Surveys Protection


Copywriting Campaign Implementation plan Design templates


Reaping the benefits of unity

Our recommendation was to gather all Business Areas under a single brand and create clear customer verticals. This would not only give them cost-effective communication and a smooth process for incorporating acquisitions. Focusing on a particular customer base also meant they would stand out from the competition and take on the role as experts. Whitepapers and thought pieces could be produced, reinforcing their expertise even further.

Positioned for the future

We gave Sigma IT a positioning worthy of a thought leader ready to help their customers anticipate the future. We needed to balance cool professionalism with a warm, humanistic approach. And inject pride and belief in the future, not least from a recruitment standpoint. To emphasize the message of future and forward motion, we developed the name Nexer, which has clear connotations to the word “next”.

Fast forward to the future

This was reinforced by giving the wordmark a fast-forward symbol. To further strengthen the new positioning, we choose a typeface with personality and strong brand character. We developed a bespoke typeface for numbers and unique 3D imagery, visualizing Nexer’s laser focus on progress and results. All were featured in a national campaign, a launch film and much more. The future looks bright for Nexer, and so does our close collaboration with their competent team.

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