Mathias Dahlgren

A celebrated chef’s culinary vision transferred into award-winning packaging solution

Mathias Dahlgren is a chef amongst chefs. His two restaurants at Grand Hôtel in Stockholm have a total of three stars in Guide Michelin, and he’s the only Swede to ever win first prize in Bocuse d’Or – the biennial world chef championship. In 2016, the ever-ambitious chef was ready to release a set of premium kitchen appliances. The only thing lacking was premium packaging to go with it.

“Together with Essen International, we managed to create a modern packaging concept that enhances the feeling of the product. Great standout and a fantastic vision of modern design”


Mathias Dahlgren, CEO & Creative Leader Restaurant Mathias Dahlgren

Creating differentiation


We got contracted by Dafra, Grand Hotel Stockholm and Mathias Dahlgren himself to create the brand and packaging for the soon to be released kitchen appliances. The first thing we did was to take a close look at the competition. It soon became clear that all of them look almost exactly the same. In short, they put the chef on the box. So, we decided to go a different route.



Design based on culinary vision


Mathias Dahlgren’s success stems from his distinct culinary vision. Which is all about the essentials. Focusing on a few but perfectly selected ingredients. We decided to do the same when branding and designing Mathias’ kitchen appliances. We focus on the essentials and scratch the rest. And when it comes to getting the right pan, it’s all about the diameter…

Minimalism at its best


Based on our research and insights, we developed a minimalistic packaging design concept that truly stands out in a retail environment. There’s no chef on the box. There’s no perceptively handwritten signature. Just the diameter of the pan in a pan-shaped circle. Highlighting the only thing that matters, while also giving a subtle, tongue-in-cheek nod to what it looks like when the pan is being used.


Standout packaging


Mathias Dahlgren’s packaging design is one of our most award-winning projects in recent years. It won prizes at Guldägget, Dieline, Pentawards, etc. There was an article in Wired Magazine. It was featured in the lovely book Simplicity: The Charm of Minimalism. But what makes us the most proud is how it stands out in stores. In all honesty, there’s nothing else like it out there.


  • Brand platform

  • Naming


  • Visual identity

  • Iconography

  • Illustrations

  • Packaging


  • Copywriting

  • Photography direction and production

  • Implementation plan

  • Design templates


  • Simplicity, the Charm of Minimalism


  • Guldägget 2017, Silver

  • Dieline Awards 2017, Silver

  • Pentawards 2017, Gold


  • Better Together, IDSA San Francisco