Rewind the time of your life



Lifeseeds is a Swedish dietary supplement company on a global mission to change how people age. Backed by science, they trail-blaze the quest for health and longevity, looking to help people live their lives to the fullest.

What we did:


Brand platform Brand positioning


Visual identity Iconography Illustrations Packaging design Motion design UX/UI design Website Guidelines


Copywriting Photography direction Design templates


Front-end development Prototyping Integration support

A not so tough pill to swallow

The journey of Lifeseeds started in 2020 as new scientific findings suggested that a certain set of substances could rejuvenate our cells. The market quickly responded with plenty of new start-ups looking to offer these cell-enhancing supplements. Since the competing brands had either chosen science and tech, or lifestyle and people, we positioned Lifeseeds as something else: a more sophisticated and premium player, underpinned by trusted science and appealing simplicity.

Larger than life

To set a compelling story for Lifeseeds we developed the brand promise “Rewind the time of your life”. Emphasising that age truly is just a number, and that your best years are yet to come. For the visual identity, we crafted an image concept of breathtaking natural sceneries, representing human conquest, the scaling of unknown heights and being at the very top of life. Earthy, organic colours provide sophistication and contrasted nicely against the otherwise clean, minimalistic identity. The logo is made up of small dots representing seeds of life spinning counterclockwise, reversing biological ageing. Finally, we created illustrations of the products and ingredients, subtly referencing the periodic table and scientific labelling.

A new life for Lifeseeds

The Lifeseeds brand was implemented on every major touchpoint, including a full-scale website and packaging design for both existing and upcoming products. All in all, an identity that successfully unites science and lifestyle, giving Lifeseeds a head-start against the competition, and towards a world where age, really is just a number.

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