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Ambry is a new, wholesome food brand from a small farm in Norfolk, producing natural and low-fat turkey products for the UK market. They offer artisan quality, delicious products, giving the brits a viable alternative to the pork-based counterpart.

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Soft-spoken enough to be heard

The wholesome food category has seen an upswing in the past years and companies are fighting for attention on the store shelves with big messages, youthful typography, and bold aesthetics. We concluded that being soft-spoken, sophisticated, and even toned down would make them stand out more on the shelf. And it was also truer to the product itself.

“Essen helped us to turn our ideas into an identity we are proud of. We were especially impressed with their packaging design and have received excellent feedback since the product was launched.”

Elliott Bloomfield

chef & co-founder, ambry

Premium food and a brand to match

Ambry’s chef and co-founder was taught by artisans in Italy to create ingredients that are fit heroes of any meal. He spent an entire year developing their first product. Based on this, we let simplicity and transparency together with a human and premium touch influence the visual expression. We choose a classic yet modern typographic expression with organic characteristics and developed an image concept celebrating the beauty of fine ingredients. Our hand-drawn, naturalistic style illustrations embraced a toned-down colour palette. And finally, we let every asset come together in a beautiful package design.

Ready to serve

With the new brand, Ambry claimed a clear position in a packed category. A sophisticated, premium product, influencing the entire brand experience. Helping Ambry show what good taste is all about.

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