Indy Beauty

Lovable packaging for one of Sweden’s biggest influencers

Influencer, activist, human


Renowned influencer and YouTube phenomenon Therése Lindgren is known not only for her talent in beauty, but also for her commitment to animal rights, veganism, and the mental wellbeing of young women. Along with many of her peers, Therése longed for effective and affordable vegan skincare products but found the market lacking.

Partners in confidence


To make it happen, Therése partnered up with CCS, Scandinavia’s largest manufacturer of health and skincare products. And so, Indy Beauty was born. A 100% vegan skincare brand dedicated to boosting young women with confidence, and their skin with moisture. Now, the only thing missing was a third partner to help them design the products and packaging. Enter Essen International.

A label that says it all


The brief was pretty straightforward. Design products and packaging that not only communicates what Therése believes in, but also stands out in a busy store environment. Easier said than done, though. But our research told us that the best solution was to go to the core. Remove everything that’s superfluous. Let the message and the product itself take the center stage.

Beautiful packaging with a beautiful message


When love starts with ourselves, it’s easier to spread all over. That’s what Therése believes in. And, that’s what we put on the label. Some might call the design minimalistic, and we wouldn’t argue otherwise. But the message is huge, all-encompassing even, and the bold typography makes the label scream lovingly at you from across the store.

Packaging you’ll fall for


Indy Beauty’s packaging and messaging resonated not only with Therése’s already loyal following, but a wide variety of users as well. Through providing a system, rather than simply a visual identity, we gave Indy Beauty ample room to expand their product lines. Safe in the knowledge that Therése’s positivity will always shine through.


  • Brand positioning


  • Visual identity

  • Packaging design

  • Guidelines


  • Copywriting

  • Implementation plan