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Fusion is an energy-creation process that occurs naturally in the sun. It leaves no hazardous waste and is powered by heavy water. In fact, a single glass of it can power a home for 825 years. This means clean, reliable energy for all foreseeable future and an end to the fossil era. For decades scientists have tried to harness fusion to no avail. With the world’s first fusion power plant to launch in 2023, Helion is making it happen.

What we did:


Iconography UX/UI design Visual design


Copywriting 3D modelling Animation


Front-end development Back-end development Prototyping Integration support

Giving the power of the sun gravity

We were contracted to create a world-class site, giving Helion’s scientific breakthrough the dignity it deserved. No one had ever before created an energy surplus from fusion. Arguably, they were closer than anyone to ending climate change.

Engaging the world

We helped Helion design and build a more engaging site, making room for visual storytelling, such as video content and full-bleed images. A new typeface signalled engineering and innovation and brought character to the brand. And the new layout accommodated more people images, showing off their human side, as recruitment was a potentially crucial element for the fast-growing company.

Making a difference

It was important to us that Helion’s new main communication channel allowed their message to be heard. After all, they could make a real difference to life on earth. We like to think that we succeeded and played a very tiny part in helping them along the way. 

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