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Electric, autonomous and digital. Zero-emissions and self-driving vehicles, coordinated by an intelligent network. It’s not only the clean, safe and efficient way to ship. It’s the future of movement. And Einride makes it happen today.

What we did:


Visual identity Illustrations Motion design


Copywriting Scriptwriting


Front-end development Back-end development

Part of the team

As Einride is expanding rapidly around the globe, we got asked to strengthen the in-house team. Today we collaborate closely together, bringing both strategic directions and design solutions to the table. Always with that invaluable outside perspective.

Launching Saga

One of the biggest highlights in 2022 was the launch of Einride Saga – an intelligent ecosystem of applications, fueled by data and powered by AI, that coordinates all parts of the transport chain. Our mission was to shape Saga’s identity, all put together in a revealing movie to be shown at the company’s annual user conference, Einride Mesh.


With inspiration from an ecosystem where different parts together form a whole, we based our visual cue on additive light, a natural phenomenon when different colours of light come together and create white. Furthermore, we created various visual elements based on real world objects such as trucks, roads and maps. Not only to reflect various areas within the service, but to convey Saga as the brain behind intelligent movement, uniting the digital and physical world.

For the movie, we wanted to combine the clarity of the service with the excitement of something new and unknown. The movie starts off showing abstract details of the UI, later revealing every part as essential building blocks in one united system. The light was set to capture the 3D objects like it was filmed by hand and sounds from the wind and passing cars further strengthened the realistic feeling.

Intelligence on the move

The new identity and movie set a completely new tone for Einride Saga. It was revealed at Einride Mesh with great success and got smoothly implemented on their website and in various communication channels. An important piece of the puzzle to strengthen the brain behind intelligent movement, ultimately helping Einride to shape a better future, revolutionizing shipping across the world.

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