Bringing nature and science into beauty

Beauty 2.0: Active ingredients – unique and powerful plant-based ingredients for cosmetics – have emerged to be the next big thing in the beauty industry. And in the beginning of 2017, Clariant adapted to the future of skin and hair care when they launched Clariant Active Ingredients. A new brand, completely powered by nature, with the aim to take their business in beauty to the next level.

A new face for a new phase

Although Clariant is an experienced manufacturer of specialty chemicals, they’ve not been associated with active ingredients in the past. Therefore, the Clariant Active Ingredients brand needed an identity that could firmly establish them in a rapidly changing cosmetic industry and gain recognition. Essen International embraced the challenge and we began to evaluate how to unveil a new face for a new phase.


Nature meets science meets beauty

We set out to create an identity that would meet three important criteria. First, we wanted to leverage the expertise and credibility that the master brand Clariant provides, while giving Clariant Active Ingredients its own unique feeling. Second, we needed the visual expression to reflect the lifestyle and beauty segment, without diluting the scientific and technical aspects. Lastly, we wanted to communicate the close relationship with nature and give the overall expression a progressive, yet warm and humanistic feeling.

Giving new meaning to an old shape

With Clariant’s already existing visual asset of the triangle, we developed the brand identity consisting of a new pattern with the well-known shape as the foundation. Always with the tip of the triangle facing forward, emphasizing a sense of progressiveness. To define the different product categories, we also developed a color code system – a palette of ten different colors, each with an assigned set of complementary shades.



It all makes beautiful sense

To highlight the natural roots of the products, we went to South Africa to capture beautiful photos of natural sceneries combined with beauty models expressing progression and confidence. We wanted the images to be editorial enough to belong within the beauty segment, while at the same time feel credible within the scientific segment. Essen International was responsible for the entire photography. From image concept to casting and actual production.

Beauty to business

With the new brand identity in place we started the implementation. From brochure covers and business cards to print advertisement and trade show communication. Not to mention the big visual facelift in Clariant’s own digital channels, along with a refreshed package design for the cosmetic products.


It’s a beautiful world out there

The new identity, together with the rest of our work, was received with open arms. Both internally within Clariant as well as with the target groups. And with a strong visual identity in place, Clariant Active Ingredients can continue to add value to their customers with competitive, sustainable and innovative solutions. Ultimately bringing the best of nature, science and beauty to the world.


  • Brand positioning


  • Visual identity

  • Packaging design

  • Guidelines


  • Copywriting

  • Implementation plan