Co-op with a beloved outdoor brand

A brand you already love


We don’t need to tell you about Fjällräven. You already know the brand. In fact, it’s arguably one of the most beloved outdoor brands out there, and it’s so for a good reason. Through stylish, clever designs and unique, patented materials, Fjällräven has helped people to walk with nature and enjoy its boundless beauty, for decades.

Boosting the team


Fjällräven is a heritage brand with a rich history. The staff is talented and proud to work there. But a set team will always have its set limits. Sometimes, specific skills are required. At other times, there’s just not enough people. Also, no inhouse team in the world can look at things from an outside perspective. That’s our job – adding the expertise and a fresh angle where it’s needed.


Foxy iconography


Fjällräven’s gear is designed with a purpose. With a certain use and climate in mind. Explaining what each item is for isn’t easy. But well-crafted iconography makes it a whole lot easier. Fjällräven’s iconography is also a great example of the kind of work we do together. Today, branded icons, pictograms, infographics and maps are a crucial part of Fjällräven’s communication.

An illustration says more than 1000 words


Icons are used for guiding, not for explaining. For that an illustration is more helpful. And, that another great example of a project we’ve done together. Inspired by wildlife guides and classic fashion drawings, we’ve developed a large number of decorative illustrations as well as purely informative ones, showing fabrics, layers and how to apply wax.

Move with nature


A lot of heritage brands have a well-defined but static identity, and Fjällräven was no exception. So, Essen was brought in to develop principles, assets, templates and guidelines for Fjällräven’s motion identity. Our proudest moment was when we got to animate the iconic logotype. To pay respect to the brand’s dedication to craftsmanship, we decided to animate it frame by frame.

Conquering the retail environment


A lot of projects we’ve done together was aimed at helping guide Fjällräven’s customers online and in store. Iconography, illustrations and motion assets are specific examples. A broader project we did was to look into how to improve the retail experience, resulting in a new store concept, currently implemented and evaluated in Fjällräven’s flagship store in Amsterdam.

From Örnsköldsvik to the world


Some clients give us a specific task and ask us to come back with a solution. Others prefer working side by side, getting the help they need when and where they need it. Our collaboration with Fjällräven definitely falls in the latter category. They’re great at what they do. We’re great at what we do. Together, we make magic.


  • Iconography

  • Illustrations

  • Motion concept

  • Retail concept

  • Guidelines


  • Iconography production

  • Illustration concept and production direction

  • Logotype animation

  • Motion design templates

  • Retail concept guidelines