Prize-winning rebranding and implementation in only six months

Great things can happen when things come together. One example is the merger of Imtech, EMC, Arealtec and Silotek. Four well-respected engineering companies, yet quite unknown to most. So, the merger wasn’t just about … merging. It was an opportunity to create something more than the sum of its parts. A brand people would take notice of, want to work with, and be employed by.

Rebranding and implementation in six months


We got contracted by Imtech by the end of 2015. The brief we got was clear yet challenging. A complete rebranding in only six months, including implementation in all Nordic markets. The implementation encompassed a new visual identity manifested through a new website, new working wear and new fleet design, to name just a few examples. Needless to say, there was no time to spare…

Hands-on engineering


We kick off the project with an extensive quantitative and qualitative research phase. The outcome revealed the path forward, and the brand architecture soon took its form. So did the brand platform. Both centered around the notion of ‘hands-on engineering’. Because if there was one thing that the research showed, it was that the organization was as known for its theoretical skills as for its efficient practical solutions.

A name with double meaning


Next up was naming. Assemblin was the final name chosen from a comprehensive list of alternatives. The double meaning of the name, ‘assembling’ and ‘an assembly’, made it the clear favourite in the end of a meticulous process involving more than 100 names – evaluated from legal, availability and linguistic perspectives.

Color me green. And yellow.


We continued with the important step of establishing color differentiation. We quickly found out that engineering is an industry of green and blue. This made us go for yellow. A positive color representing energy. To go with it, we chose a dark green. This was needed to achieve enough contrast against the yellow, but also for its associations with innovation and sustainability.

Blueprints as blueprint


After that, the visual identity started to take form. Wordmark, numbers and iconography, referencing constructional blueprints, were developed. A more human, contrasting typeface was chosen. Tonality guidelines were developed too. Last but not least, the image bank was shot – brimful of inspiring images highlighting the fact that Assemblin are as proud of its employees as of its projects.

Gold class merger


Six months after we first started, Assemblin was introduced to the world with a launch video (developed by yours truly). The new website was in place too. So was the new workwear and fleet design. Today, Assemblin already measures higher awareness than Imtech, EMC, Arealtec and Silotek ever did combined. As icing on the cake, the project won gold at Transform Awards 2017 for best branded merger.

3 years after the launch of Assemblin the overall brand goal had been reached: becoming the no 1 employer brand in the industry. The accolade laid the foundation for the new brand promise, “It’s the inside that counts”, with an accompanying brand campaign to explain it. The promise highlights both that Assemblin works with indoor climate and is a champion of corporate culture.


  • Brand architecture

  • Brand platform

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  • Communication strategy

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  • Qualitative and quantitative research studies


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  • Transform Awards 2017, Bronze