The creation of a leader
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Assemblin is a leading installation expert in the Nordics, on a mission to create better buildings with smarter, and more sustainable solutions for the future.

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Transform Awards 2017, Bronze

More than the sum of its parts

The journey of Assemblin started when the four well-respected engineering companies – Imtech, EMC, Arealtec, and Silotek – were about to unite in a merger, and in need of a new brand to implement in all Nordic markets. With the former companies’ qualities and expertise, we saw a great opportunity to unite the best of several worlds, creating something truly larger than the sum of its parts.

Assembling Assemblin

Since the new entity would be just as accomplished in practical solutions as in theoretical skills, we centred the brand platform around the notion of ‘hands-on engineering’. For the visual identity, we drew inspiration from two major aspects following the merger. State-of-the-art innovation and engineering, together with great people coming together and creating something better. Wordmark, numbers, and iconography referencing constructional blueprints were developed. A more human, contrasting typeface was chosen. And the new colour palette, with green and yellow as guiding stars, brings associations of innovation and sustainability. Finally, the new company was named Assemblin, capturing the meaning of assembling buildings with installation solutions, together, as a big assembly.

Installing a new future

Six months after the branding process started, Assemblin saw the light of day through a new website, workwear and fleet design to name a few examples. Today, Assemblin is a leader in the field of energy efficiency and its branding was rewarded gold at Transform Awards 2017 for the best-branded merger.

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