A brighter choice



Assemblin is a leading installation company in the Nordics, on a mission to deliver smart and sustainable installation and service solutions for the future. With their new offer “Assemblin Solar” they wanted to take the next step within green energy, providing tailor-made, comprehensive solar solution for both private households and companies.

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Benefits beyond solar

Today, the benefits of solar have eluded few, yet most competitors still talk about advantages and cost-savings on a quite general level. Therefore, we chose to shift perspective, focusing wholeheartedly on Assemblin Solar’s unique offering – holistic solutions to create a smarter and more sustainable home. Installed with knowledge, competence, and experience.

More than panels on your roof

With the promise "A brighter choice" we made it clear that Assemblin Solar not only gives you the financial and environmental benefits of solar energy. It’s also a promise of a smarter and more sustainable lifestyle. And that you get something truly different from the competition, that stretches far beyond the panels on your roof. Together with the promise, the visual identity became a celebration of the sun and the bright future it enables. Light is pervasive throughout the image concept, sunny tones permeate the colour palette, and technical product illustrations communicate quality 
and craftsmanship. Additionally, we created frames shaped like solar cells, adding a sophisticated touch to various visual components.

A bright story begins

Assemblin Solar succeeded to unite emotional values with reliability and competence, while clearly differentiating itself from the competition. All making clear where to turn to make a brighter choice for the future.

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