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Founded in 2023, Nuent is a European dental supply group company that provides all that dental practices need to excel. Through advancements in digitalisation, distribution, and sustainability they were looking to write the next chapter in dentistry.

What we did:


Brand platform Brand positioning Naming


Front-end development Back-end development Prototyping Integration support


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Copywriting Design templates Office templates Photography direction


Visual identity Verbal identity Iconography Motion design UX/UI design Website

Stronger than the sum of its parts

The Nuent story began with the merger of dental supply company Unident from Sweden with Dutch companies ADT and Hofmeester. A group-level holding company was created to capitalise on synergies between the three companies, develop a new market position and drive further acquisitions.

Caring for those who care

Given Nuent Group’s digital approach and emphasis on efficient logistics, we chose to base the identity around making dental practices flow better. This gave rise to the promise Practice perfection. The visual identity reinforced this through a sharp, yet smooth expression evoking associations of precision and fluidity. This was most noticeable in 3D animated triangles, reflecting the supply chain and the seamless connection in the dentistry puzzle. The triangle shape also set the foundation of the new logo representing a tooth, putting the unknown Nuent group in the right context. And from the words “new”, “dental” and “entity”, we named the group Nuent. A short, memorable name that managed to tell a big story – united allies on a mission for a new era in oral health.

Sinking the teeth into tomorrow

The new group brand identity was implemented on every major touchpoint, including a brand-new website, social media, and much more. And so, the Nuent brand saw the light of day, ready to tell the world about the smoothness dentistry can experience. All to enhance oral health for all.

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