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Established in 2019, Link is a best-in-class logistics real estate platform. An answer for companies looking to improve their supply chain and serve customers faster. With more than 400 million square feet of properties across 31 states and a development pipeline of $1.5bn, Link is a true giant.

What we did:


Brand platform Brand positioning Naming Technical strategy Social media strategy Quantitative and qualitative research studies


Visual identity Verbal identity Iconography Illustrations Motion design UX/UI design Website Environmental guidelines


Copywriting Scriptwriting Photography direction and production Motion video direction and production SEO Campaign Implementation plan Social media Design templates Office templates


Front-end development Back-end development Prototyping Integration support


Freedom to operate search Pre-file search Protection Digital legal guidance

Strategizing with speed

We were contracted early on as an active partner to set the strategic, verbal and visual foundations for a new brand looking to establish market leadership. Our extensive experience in this category allowed us to quickly decode where it belonged the category belonging and add key differentiators. We established a unique positioning statement and developed a compelling brand story.

An identity in motion

The result was an identity communicating connection and speed – both between Link and its customers and between Link’s customers and consumers. A visual language that is robust yet agile, modern yet trustworthy. Equally effective for screens and signage. An identity as dynamic in nature as the company itself.

A large brand ecosystem

Everything Link does is best-in-class. Their brand ecosystem should perform just as well. We led the implementation in its entirety and securely guided the brand to the market – trademarking, signage, image and video bank, brand portal, website and internal implementation. Perfectly coordinated, and in just a few months.

“From day one, Essen have gone above and beyond to make our vision a reality. Every single meeting, we are met with a positive attitude, no matter what the crisis or fire drills... Working with Essen has been such a pleasure and I would, and have, highly recommend them to anyone.”

Victoria Vidro

AVP Marketing, Link Logistics Real Estate


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