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Gimi is a pocket money app that teaches kids how to earn, save and spend their own money. In a world of quick consumer loans and credit card debt, Gimi hardly lacks relevance. The company behind it, listed as one of Sweden’s fastest growing fintech start-ups, have their goals set high – to become the world’s leading financial platform for young people.

What we did:


Visual identity Guidelines Bespoke UI Iconography Bespoke UI Illustrations Motion design UX/UI design Websites and apps


Copywriting Photography direction In-app animations Logo animation Animated brand launch film Storyboard Scriptwriting Design templates


"Veckopengen byter namn till Gimi”, Di, 2018.03.27

Meet Piggy, the digital piggy bank

We were contacted by Gimi to assist them in their internationalization and help update their brand. Being an entirely new phenomenon, Gimi needed an instantly recognizable asset that summed up their reason to be. Since children today have digital money, it only followed that they need a digital piggy bank. Piggy was born – a concept developed together with the team at Gimi.

Where cyberspace meets reality

Piggy, being a digital pig, lives in cyberspace. However, the children are asked to perform real tasks, and the money they earn is real. Fusing these two realities together was the fundamental idea behind the brand identity. Pixelated meets organic. Digital money becomes real rewards. Both parts were expressed through a large number of icons and illustrations. And, of course, a new logotype.

Digital product design

With the visual identity in place, we moved on to putting it to use. The app was to be used by children as well as their parents. In short, it had to be entertaining yet educational. Also, underneath all that playfulness was a very serious need for children to learn about money at a young age, to make fewer financial mistakes as adults. A very worthy cause, if you ask us.

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