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Charge Amps is a Swedish manufacturer of chargers for electric vehicles. Founded in 2012, the company is on a mission to increase the shift towards electric mobility by offering more intelligent and simpler charging solutions for homes, workplaces, and public spaces alike.

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Larger than a charger

From 2012 and counting, Charge Amps has continuously raised the bar for modern charging solutions. Lately however, competition has flooded the scene all joining in the race to dominate the charger market. Therefore, Charge Amp was in need to clearly stand out and reposition themselves to find new ground to build upon. In order to find a unique voice in a crowded category, we based our strategic direction beyond the concept of charging. Instead, communicating an intelligent pioneer, continuously charging forward and letting new thinking make a big impact for the user. Someone who opens the door to a brighter experience, from car to home and beyond.


Simply electrifying

The combination of user-friendly intelligent electric products and electrifying experiences led to the new brand promise and tag-line: ”Simply Electrifying”. Two words that manage to set the scene and create a world for Charge Amps to inhabit. Giving rise to bold messages and impactful visuals. The updated identity toolbox became a celebration of electrifying moments in both time and space, such as through swift-moving typographic treatment. We developed new technical product drawings combined with a human and emotional image concept to reflect the perfect combination of Charge Amps’ advanced technology and lifestyle sensibility. Further more, we introduced a set of softer accent color tones to bring in a sense of sophistication, as well as a large set of icons to highlight the service’s user-friendliness and attention to detail.

Charging forward

The new brand for Charge Amps didn’t just help to position the company in a jam packed category, but brought to life what Charge Amps had carried in its heart since the start. A desire to not only accelerate the shift towards electric mobility, but to do so through simply electrifying experiences. Ready to charge forward, for many years to come.

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