Pest control goes high-tech



Through a recent acquisition, Anticimex had accessed the technology to fundamentally change their business. New intelligent traps allowed constant monitoring and riddance from any pests as soon an attack was imminent. In other words, going from reactive to proactive, from product to service, ensuring customers a worry-free existence. In addition to communicating this shift, we were also responsible for defining the brand architecture, developing the identity and designing the product interface.

What we did:


Brand architecture Brand platform Brand positioning Naming Communication strategy Content strategy Social media Strategy Technical strategy Change management program Qualitative and quantitative research studies


Visual identity Verbal identity Bespoke typeface Iconography Illustrations Motion design UX/UI design Websites and apps Guidelines / Brand portals


Copywriting Scriptwriting Photography direction and production Campaign Marketing plan Content plan Social media plan Implementation plan Design templates Office templates


Front-end development Back-end development Prototyping Integration support


"EQT:s digitalisering av Anticimex gav åtta gånger pengarna", Di Digital, 2018.03.10

Smart brand architecture

As the brand architecture was a major concern, we started by analyzing the merits and challenges of migrating the service into Anticimex. By recommending a sub-brand with the descriptor ‘Smart’, we were able to make their shift more visible and accelerate their growth, while at the same time positioning Anticimex as the digital leader within the field of pest control.

Smart brand identity

Next, we developed a promise, “Intelligent pest-control around the clock”, clearly signaling the product’s functionality, intelligence and convenience. Sprung from this promise, a new identity was developed, including a website, product names, videos, copy, messaging, testimonials, sales presentations, printed collateral, and a comprehensive image bank.

Designing Smart Plan

At the heart of Anticimex Smart lies Smart Plan. A digital real-time application that helps back-office personnel and technicians detect and exterminate pests. The application also notifies if any of the units connected to the system needs service or maintenance. Through rigorous research, including field studies and user interviews, we helped Anticimex develop the application from start to finish, designing an optimal user experience in terms of functionality, ease of use, and visual interface. We programmed the entire front end and supported Anticimex with the integration to their existing CMS and BI system. The result is a business-critical application with an interface in perfect harmony with the brand identity.

“Anticimex Smart has proved a massive success. We have 41.000 active digital traps today and we are constantly doubling our volume. Our clients love its proactiveness and as a result, our competition doesn't stand a chance.

Jan Dahlfors

CEO, Anticimex

Taking on the master brand

Anticimex Smart has been so successful that nearly all their customers have chosen this service over the old one. Thus, the only sensible thing was for the masterbrand itself to take on the new Anticimex Smart identity. We then safely guided the implementation onto 17 markets, globally. Anticimex stands out as one of the most successful private equity journeys in Swedish history, and one of the most impressive large-scale digital transformation journeys we’ve ever come across.

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