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Realy Bostad is a new property developer and landlord in Sweden, who launched in 2022, a time when virtually every new build project on the market had grinded to a halt. Realy Bostad however, did the exact opposite. Not only launching new projects but offering better apartments that feature a more sustainable building process, a digital approach and attentive service for residents. And we were asked to create a brand to match.

What we did:


Brand platform Naming


Visual identity Verbal identity Illustration UX/UI design


Copywriting Photography direction Implementation plan Design templates
 Office templates


Front-end development Prototyping Integration support

Home as it should be

Communication for the Swedish rental market is both immature and homogenous, lacking that emotional layer of what a home means to people. This is partly because an ongoing housing crisis means there is no shortage of tenants. And rental companies simply don’t have to try very hard to keep tenants happy. On that point Realy Bostad are different. They go out of their way to give rentals that owned home feel. And when they do, renting can be just as good as buying, or even better. This insight resulted in the brand promise “Home as it should be”.

Building a visual world

When creating their visual identity, we took inspiration from real lives and natural sunlight to communicate the idea of quality, warmth, and care. A restrained and elegant palette made of greens, blues and a dash of sunshine yellow created a positive yet sophisticated brand. The logo helped position the brand as a trustworthy partner who is looking to do things better. For typeface we chose one with curved and fluid details communicating quality while maintaining a friendly tone and a certain quirkiness. This was paired with an image concept that uses natural warm light, celebrating all that a safe and quality home enables people to do. As a complement to the photography style, hand drawn illustrations contribute to a human and warm expression.

Moving out into the world

All in all, we helped Realy Bostad every step of the way. From positioning, to giving them an identity and handling their PR as they got picked up by the press. Successfully completing the launch in a matter of weeks. And a company on a mission to raise the bar of the rental market, saw the light of day.

“We are very happy to have found a partner like Essen who understands us and applies a business-minded approach to help us focus on the most important and value-creating activities.

Hannes Malm

COO, Realy

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