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Game platform Pley has always done things differently. To reduce the barriers of getting started, and allow players to switch seamlessly between devices, they had taken mobile gaming to the web and had their sights set on becoming the leading browser game platform for casual gamers, globally. Due to new tracking legislation, the revenue for mobile gaming was on a massive decline, leaving the playing field wide open for Pley to take on the world.

What we did:


Brand positioning Naming


Front-end development Back-end development Prototyping Integration support Guidelines


Freedom to operate search Pre-file search Protection


Visual identity Iconography Illustrations Motion design UX/UI design Website

Distinctly playful

To achieve the tastefully playful expression they were looking for we used bespoke typography characters that represent different emotions experienced when gaming. And being a platform for content, we drew inspiration from other categories, such as major streaming services. We created a clear and structured system which we then injected with playfulness. Vibrant colors such as bright orange, pink and yellow were used, allowing them to shed their black and purple identity which had failed to differentiate them.

A name that says it all

When Pley approached us, they had just taken the next step from startup to scale up to put themselves on the map. But their name at the time, “Trail”, had all the signs of a startup, something they as a fairly established company looking to be a trusted destination, wanted to steer away from. We gave them the name Pley, a name with an instant connection to what they do and with an available dotcom address, important to a company whose site and product are one and the same.

Switching from stealth mode

Finally, we translated all this into a new website, giving the very heart of the company the trusted, sophisticated yet entertaining identity it deserved. Allowing Pley to bring more playfulness to the world.

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