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Europe’s largest last mile logistics real estate company was about to see the light of day. By breathing life into a rather substantial portfolio of industrial properties, they could be transformed into highly attractive last mile properties. Thus, entering a segment that had been fueled by the rise of online shopping and increased customer expectations of 24-hour deliveries. We were contacted by the investment team to help bring this new company to life.

What we did:


Brand platform Brand positioning Naming


Visual identity Verbal identity Iconography Illustrations Motion design UX/UI design Website Guidelines


Copywriting Scriptwriting Photography direction & production Campaign Implementation plan Design templates Office templates


Front-end development Back-end development Prototyping Integration support


Freedom to operate search Pre-file search Protection

Brand-new positioning

Working closely with the new management team, we pinpointed the main challenges. For one, adopting the right cues was crucial in making this new category decodable to the audience. Secondly, we needed to communicate size. Though previously unheard of, this company would be a veritable giant, with a major footprint.

Getting the language right

All this meant clarity was the key. We opted for a descriptive brand promise: “Logistics real estate urbanised”. We positioned them in the intersection of three well-known categories, applying the friendly, consumer-facing world of ecommerce, the speed of logistics and the professional air of the real estate industry. Dots communicated the properties and the movement between them signaled speed. The logo was designed in italics, reinforcing the message of speed even further. Even the name, Mileway, clearly signaled this new company’s role, a mere mile away from the bustling cities of Europe.

Hitting the mark

Together with the talented team at Mileway, we launched a world-class brand in most major European markets in record time. This cohesive and clear brand facilitated the internationalization and digitalization of the company. Today, Mileway is thriving, rapidly expanding across Europe.


“Essen has been a true partner to us along the way. Working hard, going the extra mile, driven to make it all happen! On behalf of the Mileway team – thank you!”

Olga Kononova

Marketing Director, Mileway

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