Modern living at the heart of history

A story worth telling


When you find something beautiful and unique, you want to tell everyone. But what if you struggle to find the words to describe it? What if “it” doesn’t even have a name? Haavens was just like that. A real estate company with a plethora of beautiful rental apartments at the heart of Netherland’s largest cities. But there was no brand, no identity, no voice to communicate their unique story.

Committed to a life well lived


With less than a month until launch, we worked closely with the new management to define a strategy for the brand. Being committed to a diverse and lively inner city full of character and charm, Haavens cater to the unique demands of each building, tenant and city. Their attentive service means time freed up to enjoy life to the fullest, which is embodied in the brand promise: life well lived.

Creating Haavens


An apartment is more than just walls and floors. Haavens provides opportunities for their tenants to create the homes of their dreams. Their ‘havens’, if you will. This, combined with the Netherlands being famous for its port cities, gave way to the name Haavens. The connotation to premium, loving homes also became the direction for the look and feel of the brand.

On a roll (quite literally)


With strategy and identity in place, we went straight on to production. Our talented illustrator at the Stockholm office created a set of detailed illustrations inspired by classic pencil drawings. We conducted two photoshoots by bike, swooshing up and down the canals of Amsterdam and Rotterdam, to capture the pulse of the city as well as the building exteriors.

Combining the old and the new


The visual identity is a balancing act between the familiar of rental apartments, the professionalism of service brands and the premium feel of real estate investment. This together with all that is the Netherlands – historical buildings, modern architecture, bold graphic design, quirkiness,  humor and ‘Dutch directness’ – resulted in a professional, inclusive and crafted visual identity.

Time sets no limit


At launch day, we had successfully done the impossible by developing a name, brand platform, verbal identity and visual identity in as little as three weeks. But that wasn’t all. In that same time, we had implemented the new brand as stationary templates and developed a website from scratch, including its content. Quite impressive, don’t you think?


  • Brand architecture

  • Brand platform

  • Brand positioning

  • Social Media Strategy

  • Technical strategy


  • Visual identity

  • Verbal Identity

  • Iconography

  • Illustrations

  • Motion design

  • UX/UI design

  • Website

  • Guidelines


  • Copywriting

  • Scriptwriting

  • Photography direction and production

  • Campaign

  • Social media plan

  • Implementation plan

  • Design templates

  • Office templates


  • Front-end development

  • Back-end development

  • Prototyping

  • Integration support