Digital transformation of a global leader

Anticimex is synonymous with pest control. Tell someone that you have an infestation, and they'll reply: "better call Anticimex". But that statement says more about where the company is coming from than where it's heading. Yes, Anticimex used to focus on eradicating infestations. But its future lies in prevention, automation and IoT solutions.

From occasional inspections to constant monitoring


Anticimex recently acquired Wisecon, a Danish company that develops digital, non-toxic traps that automatically detects and deals with pest. Wisecon’s revolutionizing products, in combination with proper funding from EQT, allowed Anticimex to evolve. From occasional inspections and toxic traps to constant monitoring, data analysis and non-toxic traps. From Anticimex. To Anticimex Smart.



Smart brand architecture


When Anticimex first contacted us, they were unsure if the new products should be an integrated part of the master brand or not. But as the new products represented the future of Anticimex, we strongly recommended to use the descriptor “Smart”, as this would allow the sub brand to be migrated into Anticimex when time was ready.




Smart brand identity


The sub brand Anticimex Smart was developed around the notion of ‘Intelligent pest control around the clock’. With the brand promise in place, we developed a complete sub brand identity, including product names, product website, product videos, copy, messaging, testimonials, sales presentations, printed collateral, and a comprehensive image bank.

Taking on the master brand


After we were done with Anticimex Smart, we moved on to the Anticimex master brand. Fun fact: it was actually Essen International that did the original brand identity for Anticimex back in the late 80s. But that was 30 years ago. Now, the brand needed to be updated, modernized, and aligned with Anticimex Smart.

Iconic iconography, a non-typical typeface, etc.


The master brand update included new iconography, based on the classic Anticimex symbol. A new typeface, named Anticimex Sans, was also developed. The typeface was based on the original Anticimex wordmark and done in collaboration with the talented team at Colophon Foundry. Furthermore, the color palette was updated and a new image concept was developed.

A massive success


As a final step, we did guidelines and templates, and supported the implementation in 17 markets globally. The updated master brand, as well as the new sub brand, was greeted with open arms. In fact, it stands out as one of the most successful large-scale digital transformation journeys we’ve seen. Or as Per Franzén at EQT puts it: “Anticimex is EQT’s best investment in ten years. The company is now valued ten times the money, compared to when we bought it.”

Anticimex Smart has proved a massive success. We have 41.000 active digital traps today and we are constantly doubling our volume. Our clients love its proactiveness and as a result, our competition doesn't stand a chance.

Jan Dahlfors, CEO, Anticimex


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