Meet front-end developer
Matías Salinas


Matias is a Chilean born foodie, who learned Swedish in just a year. He is also our talented front-end developer.

Tell us something about yourself.

I grew up in the countryside of Chile and we are four siblings scattered around the world, including myself. I never thought I’d move to Sweden but during my studies in Boston I went to visit my brother. I fell in love with all the history combined with the technological advancement in Sweden. It seemed like the best of both worlds.

What makes you happy at Essen?

I’m a people person, so I’ve got to say my colleagues. They are lovely people who also happen to be very gifted. It’s an inspiring atmosphere to work in. Also, the view from our office is incredible.

What drew you to coding?

I started out in design and thankfully made a shift to coding. It comes more naturally to me and seeing concrete results is extremely satisfying.

What is your most treasured memory?

One time a gigantic blue butterfly saved me when I got lost in the forest in Brasil. I was alone and couldn’t find the trail, for some reason, I just followed it since it was flapping frantically in front of me. After 10 minutes I was back on the trail. It felt like a Ghibli movie.

What would your job be if you weren’t a front-end developer?

I would probably have followed the cooking route. Maybe a pastry chef nurturing a dream of opening his own bakery.

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