Bringing life to a new brand



Vivar is a new Stockholm-focused residential real estate company with a vision – to realize former city architect Karolina Keyser’s idea of more inclusive neighborhoods. To achieve this, they focus their attention not just on their apartments but on all public spaces in the area, including façades, shops, parks and meeting places. Also, the company aims to pave the way for a modern Stockholm with the highest goals possible regarding sustainability. Thus, their real estate portfolio focuses on areas that closely connect to Stockholm’s subway, enabling a car-free lifestyle.

What we did:


Brand platform Brand positioning Technical strategy Quantitative and qualitative research studies


Visual identity Verbal Identity Iconography Illustrations Motion design UX/UI design Website Environment Guidelines


Copywriting Scriptwriting Photography direction Campaign Implementation plan Design templates Office templates


Front-end development Back-end development Prototyping

Reinforcing a strong story

We were engaged as early-stage partners, responsible for developing the brand in its entirety. Since the tale behind the company was so compelling, every part we developed added to the story. The positioning was one of inclusiveness, warmth and hope – with a clear message of a better society for everyone.

Building an inclusive brand

We developed a name, derived from the Italian viva – to live, that sent a clear message about what this brand is all about: creating areas that we all want to live in and contribute to. Everything – from the soft curve of the typeface, the inclusive images, to the warm color palette of greens and yellows – lent a sunny, friendly touch. Nature, longevity and sustainability were clear signifiers. Hand-drawn crayon illustrations brought warmth and personality.

A new player is born

Vivar’s genuine message of creating better communities deserves an identity that amplifies this intent. Today, Vivar’s warm, sincere brand clearly stands out in the real estate market.


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