Rebranding of a different

Standards make the world go around


It’s easy to focus on the things that don’t fit. Your new phone and your old charger, for instance. But when you think about it, isn’t it amazing how many things out there actually do fit? From the simplest nail and screw to global data networks and healthcare systems. Here in Sweden, we have The Swedish Institute for Standards (SIS) to thank for that.

The perfect fit for the job


SIS has recently gone through a lot of changes. Under the leadership of CEO Thomas Idermark, the organization aims to modernize and increase the relevance of its operations. A new brand identity, in tune with our times and in line with future goals, is a fundamental part of that. After careful evaluation, it was decided that Essen International was the perfect fit for the job.

A new, better fitting brand identity


SIS is clearly specialized in the development and promotion of standards. So, it follows that the organization’s brand identity should communicate just that. Making things fit and work together. This deceptively simple insight was boiled down to the notion of “it fits”. This in turn laid the groundwork for everything from design principle and brand identity to individual assets.


Parts that form a greater whole


The notion of “it fits” permeated most of the brand identity and implementations. The new logotype got a puzzle like quality to it, and the iconography too, to name just two examples. The color palette was updated with a primary red to strengthen SIS’s ties with its parent organization ISO. Several implementations were made as well.

Still and motion imagery


Both still and motion 3D imagery were designed and developed internally at Essen International. Needless to say, it communicated the same overall message – “it fits”. But here we had to opportunity to inject at more progressive, slightly more human and tongue-in-cheek tone into the brand – all in line with SIS’s new, strategic direction, of course.


A new industry standard


SIS new brand identity was launched to the public in the spring of 2019. The initial response was very positive, internally as well as externally. And, even though it’s too early to say anything of the measurable effect of the rebranding, we can definitely conclude that the organization now has an identity that sticks out and raised the bar. A new industry standard, if you will.


  • Visual identity

  • Iconography

  • UI design

  • Motion design


  • Copywriting

  • Illustrations