Revealing the ripple effect

Riivos is a San Francisco based SaaS company. Their cloud based applications make it possible to gather all the data from different services and departments within an organization, try out potential scenarios, and foresee how they will effect the business’ financials. Predicting the future so that you can make the right decision, before it has actually been made.

Industry first


While competitors are offering horizontal management tools regardless of industry, Riivos vouches for industry first. The technology platform is adapted to verticals, meaning they have profound knowledge of specific industries’ challenges. This has made Riivos extremely successful in their two initial verticals, Mortgage and Mining, and they are looking to expand.


Filling the larger shoes


Over the first years in business, Riivos had focused on optimizing the product, acquiring new customers and recruiting new talents for each vertical. The brand, however, had not been paid attention since their very early days. Riivos still looked like one of many SaaS startups, instead of communicating the established company Riivos had already grown to be.

Aligning the audiences


After the new name and strategy was in place, we set out to develop the brand identity. With the product being used cross-functionally, the brand needed to be engaging enough for all levels and departments to use, but serious enough to trust with financial data. It also needed to attract potential new hires, and signify being a valuable opportunity for investors.

Ripple effects


The brand identity aims to communicate the bold, progressive company that Riivos is. The logo’s visual cue  is based on the concept of ripples on water, connecting to the ripple effects that Riivos will help to predict, prevent and/or put into action. The ripples are also found as a decorative element to communicate important numbers.


The ‘Riivos red’


The competitor analysis showed that the SaaS market is dominated by shades of blue. We wanted to do something different. The ‘Riivos red’ was picked to stand out and be confident, while at the same time showing warmth and personality. The imagery is abstract and future-forward, without becoming cliché science fiction.

One site becoming three


Being an industry first company, the launch of the brand was implemented as not one, but three separate sites. The corporate site presenting a visionary brand for investors and important stakeholders, followed by a laser-focus on each respective industry’s page to emphasize the care and effort they put into each vertical.


On-going partnership


In addition to web, the identity has been implemented to merchandising, sales and marketing material, stationary, tradeshow material, extensive guidelines and brand book and even to the new office interior. The on-going partnership with Riivos will help them pervade the brand through the organization and facilitate the launch of new verticals.


  • Visual identity

  • Iconography

  • UX/UI design

  • Guidelines

  • Motion design


  • Prototyping

  • Front-end Development

  • Back-end Development