A global leader in Sweden

A global leader moving forward

Dutch-based Randstad is a multinational human resource consulting and recruiting firm, helping people and organizations move forward. With more than 29,000 employees in 39 countries, Randstad is one of the world’s biggest players in its field – possibly the biggest. In 2018, Essen International was brought in to help the company progress even further.

Product packaging, strategically

Our very first task was a purely strategic one. In 2018, Randstad had recently acquired Dfind, a company specialized in professional services such as Finance, Life Science, Engineering and IT. Our first job was to define how these new areas of expertise should relate to the broader Randstad offer. In essence, how should their premium offer relate to the rest?

Product packaging, literally

With the strategic product packaging in place, we move on to packaging Randstad’s services in a literal sense. In other words, we developed the story and visual assets such as illustrations and animations for a number of areas of expertise. These were in turn used to create a number of communication assets, such as product videos, brochures, sales presentations, interview guides, etc.

Just the right message

Once we nailed the products and their benefits, we started to think about how to talk about them. Randstad’s global brand promise: “human forward” was evolved into a flexible communication concept called “Helt rätt”. It’s a pretty straightforward concept, stating that no matter where you are, who you are, or where you want to go, Randstad will find a solution … that’s just right.

From concept to content

After that, we moved on to production. Three different motifs were developed, tailormade for three different target groups: suit people, shirt people, and workwear people. A film studio was rented, an elevator was built, 36 pair of socks were bought. And soon, with the help of talented photographer Klara G, the motifs took form in a total of six videos and six photographs.


From content to communication

The last, but far from least important, step in the process, was to actually get the message out there. A marketing plan was formulated, including all thinkable sorts of touch points, which meant that a lot of ads had to be produced. Huge billboards, digital out-of-home displays, online videos, print ads, SOME ads, programmatic ads, HTML coded banners, and so forth.

Adding Sweden to the list

In the summer of 2019, the campaign went live all over Sweden, including huge billboards outside Mall of Scandinavia in Stockholm, a small bus stop at Svarbyträsk outside Boden, and everything in between. You couldn’t miss it even if you wanted to. In late August, Randstad released a press release, stating that they’re now the biggest recruitment com-pany in Sweden – as they are globally.


  • Brand architecture

  • Brand positioning

  • Naming

  • Communication strategy

  • Content strategy

  • Qualitative and quantitative research studies


  • Visual identity

  • Verbal Identity

  • Illustrations

  • Motion design

  • Guidelines / Brand portals


  • Copywriting

  • Scriptwriting

  • Photography direction and production

  • Motion video direction and production

  • Campaign

  • Marketing plan

  • Content plan

  • Design templates

  • Office templates