Pitch black packaging for the world’s leading lighting brand

The light shaping company


Light is the essence of photography. Lighting makes the image – literally and figuratively. And when it comes to designing great lighting equipment, Profoto is second to none. Whether it be on a billboard or a fashion magazine, there’s a good chance that the image you’re looking at was created using their lights.


From business to business to business to consumer


Profoto has been the brand of choice amongst the world’s top photographers for almost half a century. In recent years, Profoto started to develop smaller, more portable products, aimed towards a broader segment. In doing so, Profoto grew from a b2b to a b2c company. Now, the brand needed to evolve with it.

A brand based on its greatest assets


Our initial interviews with the founders, management, staff and photographers revealed two important things. Those who knew of Profoto already loved the brand. And they did so because of how great the products are. So, we decided to elevate the products even more. Make them the centrepiece. The core of the brand and its visual identity.

A visual identity based on the products


Profoto’s products are iconic. Premium in performance. Minimalistic and pitch black with bold, white typography. We decided that the brand’s visual identity should reflect that. So, we fine-tuned their old logotype, created a bespoke typeface, scaled away all colors except for black and white, and developed a minimalistic design system that breathed premium and performance.

Making the lighting products shine


Profoto’s products are used for lighting and creating images, and their customers are professional photographers. So, it follows that Profoto’s own product photography must be world class. Together with lighting guru David Bicho, we made it happen. With subtle yet dramatic lighting, we made the lighting products shine.


Pitch black packaging


Profoto’s journey from b2b to b2c meant that the company went from letting through rental studios to selling through dealers. This in turn meant that Profoto needed new packaging. Again, we stayed close to the company’s core values and developed a full line of packaging as minimalistic yet premium as the products it houses.

The result


In 2016, just as the new identity was implemented, Profoto released the product that became its most successful launch to date. The fact that the product in question is a technical marvel mattered a lot, obviously. But we’d like to think a stronger identity and standout packaging played a part too.

"Essen created a powerful tool for us in our journey to reach a broader customer base. An elevated visual identity and standout packaging design has given us advantages in-store and strengthened our position as the leading premium brand amongst image creators."

Sara Strid, Marketing Manager, Profoto


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