Changing the course of cancer



Today, most cancer related deaths are due to recurring tumors. Mendus is a bio pharmaceutical company on a mission to change that. Specialising in immunotherapy, they are finding new ways to tip the balance in favor of the immune system without having a negative impact on the patient’s health or quality of life.

What we did:


Motion design Illustrations UX/UI design Website


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A treatment for the digital era

When Mendus contacted us, they had just been through a merger, the result of Immunicum acquiring DC Prime. With a new name and an updated visual identity in place they needed to translate their new brand into a modern website that could speak to investors, medical professionals and patients alike.

Making the complex simple

With such a diverse audience, we wanted to keep even the most science-heavy parts, easy to digest. Different sections were colour coded with blue for the scientific ones and pink for financial information. Key complex processes were shown in simple animations. To accommodate visitors of various ages and health conditions, accessibility was also an essential part of the project. We pushed beyond accessibility guidelines, using contrasting backgrounds only and increased font size to ensure that legibility would not be an issue.

We launched Mendus’ website, responsive down to the tiniest pipeline detail, in mid 2022. The first vital signs from a new brand and a company on a mission: to change the course of cancer treatment. We are happy to have contributed, however minutely, to their success.

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