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Many real estate companies are visionary about the future, but still fail to address important concerns that tenants have today. This key insight formed our strategic direction for the rebranding of D. Carnegie & Co’s real estate company. A landlord on a mission to support the tenant in every imaginable way.

What we did:


Brand architecture Brand platform Brand positioning Social Media Strategy Technical strategy Quantitative and qualitative research studies


Visual identity Verbal Identity Iconography Illustrations Motion design UX/UI design Website Environmental Guidelines


Copywriting Scriptwriting Photography direction & production Campaign Social media plan Implementation plan Design templates Office templates


Front-end development Back-end development Prototyping Integration support

A promise to keep

This surprisingly unique approach gave birth to the brand promise “tenant-first” and a brand that exuded the welcoming warmth you would expect from any decent host. Even the name we produced had the Swedish word for home in it, clearly signaling this landlord’s priorities.

Long live diversity

A home always carries signs of the person living there. To highlight this uniqueness, we created a rich illustration language, celebrating individuality and diversity. Similarly, logotype, colors, iconography, and other assets highlighted differences. This was implemented on the main site, the investors’ site, on the workwear and signage system, to mention just a few places.

All the way home

Hembla is the clearest example of the power of branding we’ve come across. As the new brand was launched, the share price soared. It is our understanding that nothing had changed apart from a clearly different positioning of a brand with a new name. And the world responded with a smile.

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