Extraordinarily homely in no time

Rebranding a company takes time. Especially when the rebrand involves uniforms, physical signage, and fleet design. But what if you don’t have that time? What do you do? You put twice as many people on it and work thrice as fast. That’s how things went down when real estate company D. Carnegie & Co asked us to do all of the above plus three websites and launch communication in just three months’ time. A challenge, for sure. But we brought it home. Pun intended.

Tenant first

We started from the very beginning. Together with the new management, we developed a new strategic direction. This was based on the key insight that while many real estate companies present fantastic visions for the future, few address the here and now. The everyday worries of everyday people. The real deal. The new brand would focus on that and just that. This new strategic direction was labeled ‘tenant first’.

Welcome Hembla

The name D. Carnegie & Co was consequentially changed to Hembla – a friendlier, homelier name, literally containing the Swedish word for ‘home’. But changing one’s name is comparatively easy. Proving that ‘tenant first’ is an actual promise is harder. To tackle this, a secondary execution strategy was developed, focused on continuously solving everyday problems for the tenants and showing steady progress on a daily basis.

A celebration of diversity

With strategy and name in place, we moved on to visual identity. Right from the start, we knew that we wanted to highlight the fact that a home is a unique, personal space.  Homes can be calm or full of live. Tastefully minimal or vividly colorful. One’s favorite wallpaper is the next one’s eyesore.  All this took form in a rich illustration language, celebrating individuality and diversity. Logotype, colors, iconography, etc. were all developed from a similar perspective.

The home pages

Helping people find a home is obviously a big part of delivering on the ‘tenant first’ promise. So is providing the right information and the right kind of help when needed. With this in mind, three new websites were developed for Hembla. One for its tenants, one for its employees, and one for potential investors. Next up is an app for tenants, adding a whole new layer of service and accessibility to the equation.

All the way home

The new website went live just three months after we first initiated our partnership with what was then called D. Carnegie & Co, now known as Hembla. The rebrand hit the news the same day. Just a few days later, the stock sky rocketed. Most likely due to the company’s now clear and unique promise and positioning. In other words, Hembla’s willingness to always put the tenant first was now well-known. And, the world responded with a smile.


  • Brand architecture

  • Brand platform

  • Brand positioning

  • Social Media Strategy

  • Technical strategy


  • Visual identity

  • Verbal Identity

  • Iconography

  • Illustrations

  • Motion design

  • UX/UI design

  • Website

  • Guidelines


  • Copywriting

  • Scriptwriting

  • Photography direction and production

  • Campaign

  • Social media plan

  • Implementation plan

  • Design templates

  • Office templates


  • Front-end development

  • Back-end development

  • Prototyping

  • Integration support