Fagerhult Group

Bringing brightness to the world

Back in the day to nowadays

Brightening up people’s lives inspired Bertil Svensson to found Fagerhult in 1945. Back then, it was a small factory employing six people in southern Sweden. Today, they have evolved into a group company, consisting of thirteen brands, employing 4700 people in 28 different countries making lighting solutions for the world.


Different together

With Fagerhult moving from a small-scale business to a much larger operation, we at Essen were brought in to create an identity and a new website for the group. The challenge was to give the group brand a distinct personality without outshining the individual brands. An umbrella that they could all pride themselves in being part of.

High quality light with high quality life

Fagerhult Group truly believes that better lighting leads to better living. We wanted the identity to reflect that humanistic approach and showcase the group’s craftmanship, knowledge and collaborative mindset. Also, their important work on sustainability needed to come across, together with the benefits it brings to the world and its people.

Highlights of the design

We revamped the logotype, developed a new color palette and brought in two new typefaces, one serif and one sans serif. Combined, they express function and precision together with warmth and passion. Another important graphic element we introduced is the line. In all its simplicity, it divides content effectively as well as tying together images and white space, creating a recognizable structure and language present in all applications. We also designed a gradient, which works as a complement to images and the line. Inspired by light and how it affects its environment, it reflects their promise of lighting up the world.

People in the spotlight

Alongside the graphic elements, we put together a framework for the new imagery, showing advanced lighting solutions from different areas that the group covers, along with people and natural environments. The images provide both sides of the story – professional lighting solutions and the benefits for everyone using them. Both indoors and out.


Not just another website

A big part of the project was to redesign the website. Everything from creating a new web architecture, UX, functionality, design and copy. The site is not only an important channel to reach their target groups and stakeholders, but a platform for the brands to come together, express their individual work as well as their mutual goals. All with a sense of being part of something bigger. We made sure to keep everything simple, user friendly, easy to navigate through, and flexible enough to update when needed.

The future is looking bright

There’s no doubt that Fagerhult Group will continue to strive for enhancing the world with advanced, bespoke lighting solutions. And with the new identity and website in place, they can hopefully get more people tuning in and listen to their story ­– the one about how thirteen companies make the world a bit brighter.



  • Visual identity

  • Verbal identity

  • UX/UI design

  • Design templates

  • Office templates

  • Guidelines


  • Copywriting


  • Front-end development

  • Back-end development