A fitting brand identity for a company aiming for the stars

Episerver is a European software company, providing web content management (better known as CMS), digital commerce, and digital marketing. In 2014, Episerver was bought by venture capital company Accel-KKR. The plan was to merge Episerver with its American counterpart Ektron. The purpose: create a new combined entity – bold and strong enough to take on Adobe.

From IT solution to marketing tool


It was around this time we were asked to develop a new brand for the new organization. As in most cases, we kicked off the project with proper research. This revealed that the new brand would have a slightly different target group than expected. It was no longer IT experts calling the shots on the client side. CMS systems were now managed, and purchased, by the marketing team.

People-first technology

A new brand platform was developed based on these findings. The new platform adjust-ed its focus from strict IT solution to the notion of ‘people-first technology’. In short, the new brand had to appeal to less tech savvy marketers too, driven by the will for and need to communicate with their audiences. Simplification and customer centricity was sudden-ly the new big thing.


Above the cloud

Furthermore, our research showed that Episerver was a stronger brand than Ektron. So, a monolithic brand architecture was developed. And a new brand name was developed too. Epi. Just Epi. Because it didn’t really make sense to add ‘server’ to a cloud-based service. Plus, the etymology of ‘epi’ is ‘above’. Which for the very same reasons seemed almost eerily fitting.

Digital Experience Cloud

The service offering was also redesigned. A plethora of products were simplified and bundled into the comprehensive product suite Digital Experience Cloud. In short, one suite for all your communication needs. Our intention was not only to make Epi’s offering more intuitive to customers, but also to showcase the synchronization between different products and the ease of collaboration.

Aiming for the stars

The visual identity was developed to communicate two things: 1) a seamless product suite and experience 2) market-leadership in the cloud category. The iconography was developed to support the first. A graphic illustration style representing stars was devel-oped to support the latter. Last but not least, imagery and verbal identity were developed to show the more human and creative aspects of the brand.

A true partnership


The new branding and product design were implemented across all channels together with Epi’s in-house creatives. The massive launch event that took place in Las Vegas was sort of a climax. The launch video we had developed was played. Cheers and applause. Now, a few years down the road, our partnership continues, with improvements to both product and communication on a regular basis.

"Essen International provided us with an identity that is as strategically ambitious as it is progressive in its application, and the results have been very well received"

James Norwood, Executive Vice President Strategy at Episerver


  • Brand architecture

  • Brand platform

  • Brand positioning

  • Naming

  • Communication strategy

  • Content strategy

  • Qualitative and quantitative research studies


  • Visual identity

  • Verbal identity

  • Iconography

  • Illustrations

  • Motion design

  • UX/UI design

  • Product packaging

  • Websites and apps

  • Guidelines/ Brand portals


  • Copywriting

  • Scriptwriting

  • Photography direction and production

  • Motion video direction and production

  • SEO

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  • Implementation plan

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