Smart home security that welcomes you

Democratizing smart technology


The IoT market has been growing rapidly over the last few years. But with product driven brands promoting advanced systems, it tends to focus on an already tech savvy audience. Arbor, the San Francisco based smart home start-up, believe everyone deserves access to the best and most advanced technology.


So advanced, it’s for everybody


Arbor’s first product, the Arbor Video Doorbell, was launched in 2018. While the smart home category is currently crowded with the aspect of fear and danger, we partnered up with Stitzlein Studio to build a welcoming brand with a lot more personality. For every home and everybody.

A living, growing and loving brand


The brand positioning was translated into a multi-color identity that is warm, quirky and inclusive. We created customized illustrations capturing user scenarios, and imagery capturing intimate, home-based situations. A lifestyle brand that celebrates meaningful moments and the originality of people and their homes.

A name and logo lifting the roof


The name originates from the word “shelter”, and describes when branches have grown together to create a roof over one’s head. Being a universal symbol of home, the logo takes visual cue from the shapes of rooftops. Combined with the stroke from the letter “b”, it forms the subtle shape of a house.

Being the center of shelf attention


Tech products on store shelves are not a colorful story. We decided to change this by adding quirky illustrations of the subject matter closest connected to the product – the door – onto the packaging. The variety of color and shapes showcasing that there are as many personalities to doors, as there are homes, as there are people.

World wide launch on the world wide web


The new brand identity was implemented as a website, built to easily evolve with the company. We created content that helped positioning Arbor as a brand for everyone, with a tone of voice being expressive, yet with the same straightforwardness as the product itself. Together with high-end renderings and a product video, the brand bridges advanced technology and approachable personality.


  • Visual identity

  • Animation

  • Iconography

  • UX/UI design

  • Website

  • Packaging

  • Guidelines


  • Copywriting

  • Illustrations