A story of Scandinavian happiness

Apollo is an industry icon. Not just because the company literally created Scandinavian charter travel in the Seventies. More importantly, they’ve got more than a million customers every year. In addition, they’ve grown to become a top player within activity travel, which is no mean feat in an industry that has undergone massive changes in recent years.

From facilitation to activation


It’s no secret that the travel industry has gone through a minor revolution. Back in the days, we needed help booking flights, finding hotels, etc. And, in all honesty, most of us were just looking for a place to relax. Today, we manage the practical stuff ourselves, craving for activities, experiences and memories to last for a lifetime. Essen got on board to help Apollo traverse this new terrain.


More than just charter


In 2018, Apollo decided to modernize their product offering and provide a complete eco-system of experiences. From stand-alone products to packaged experiences for families, sports enthusiasts and city breakers. 

A story of Scandinavian happiness


Next, we took a close look at the storytelling. What’s it about? Well, it might sound trivial, but it’s a story of Scandinavian happiness. Our region can be pretty dark and gruesome at times. Traveling for us is more than just an escape. We carry the sun with us inside long after the tan has faded. Being Scandinavians, Apollo understands that better than any competitor.

A seamless experience


A new visual identity was developed to encompass Apollo’s new product offering and to provide a seamless customer experience – from product to product and from channel to channel. The result is an intelligent graphic system ranging from logotypes to iconography, illustrations and motion design. Complemented with a broader color palette representative of Apollo’s destinations.


Leaving no stone unturned


Apollo has a lot of touchpoints, and quite a lot of them a different from what we normally do. We obviously looked into the web, banners, newsletters, catalogues and all that stuff. But we also designed beach flags, pique shirts, surfboards, flipflops, wet suits, water bottles, and activity cards and backpacks for kids. It was a lot of things, and it was a lot of fun.

Proud to launch at Pride


On July 27, 2018, the new Apollo logo was shown against a rainbow patterned background on a ten-meter-wide billboard at Stureplan, Stockholm. It was the Pride festival, and the new brand was launched. Now, follows a gradual transformation of everything from e-commerce to events and, of course, the flip flops. Stay tuned to see the results.


  • Brand architecture

  • Brand platform

  • Brand positioning


  • Visual identity

  • Iconography

  • Illustrations

  • Motion design

  • UX/UI design

  • Websites and apps

  • Guidelines / Brand portals