From product to brand

Welcome to a full day interactive workshop on how you go from product to brand. Or simply put, what you need to do between series A and B.

The workshop will be structured into 3 sessions covering the topics of:

1. Brand strategy, or how to develop an internationally viable brand

2. Brand identity, or how to enter new markets on a shoestring budget

3. Product design, or how to close the gap between promise and experience

Each 2 hour session will be run in three groups with one expert facilitator per group. Each session begins with a thought leadership summary on the topic, quickly moves onto explain best practice and then takes you through a hands-on exercise where you are allowed to focus on your product or brand.


You can expect to leave this day with clear insights regarding what you need to do next.

Host: Essen International

Where: Skeppsbron 44, Stockholm

When: 4/9, 2018, 09.00-16.00