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The problem

Knock on any Swede’s door and they will almost certainly have an FM Mattsson tap. It’s exactly the same at workplaces. The company has produced taps, showers and fittings now for more than 140 years. With sights and opportunities focused on the rest of Europe, we were asked to design a new identity for the brand.

Our ambition

We had the ambition to design something authentic. The business for mixers and showers is nothing but a homogenous mass – one hysterically trendy kitchen or bathroom solution after another. And somewhere among all these impossible taps, reality got lost. That’s why we had the ambition to bring about a shift from selling dreams to paying tribute to reality.

Our process

We partnered with FM Mattsson to define the core of the brand, and we kept it real. We’re talking about products that last, both functionally and visually – without having to scream for attention. Smart solutions that make daily life easier. We call this smart daily living. We continued to partner on designing a visual and verbal identity communicating the very essence of the brand. 

The result

The result is loved, by FM Mattson and the market. The visual identity conveys a brand communicating value for money with focus on selling taps, not dreams.