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“With the new graphic identity, all the city’s activities are linked together and become much clearer, making it easier for the people of Stockholm to understand what we do.”

Hanna Brogren
Director of Communications, Stockholm City

The problem

The city council outlined a new vision: a world-class Stockholm. To really make a mark, the city needed to come together. Schools, homes for the elderly, museums, traffic and planning departments, pre-schools – a daunting but not impossible task. We saw opportunities and benefits for citizens, businesses and visitors alike.

Our ambition

Our ambition was to highlight all the different services and activities provided by Stockholm. We wanted to design a strong yet flexible identity that would work well for all the digital touch points of a progressive world-class city.

Our process

Our partnership began in 2012 as a full-scale process, including brand strategy, identity and implementation for the city of Stockholm, the Stockholm business region as well as the Stockholm archipelago. Which made the organization a complex one. A success factor has been the design of a crystal-clear process and project organization from start, involving all people and units critical for knowledge-sharing, implementation and decision-making.

The result

Stockholm – one city, one municipality, one expression. A progressive world-class brand for a progressive world-class city. Stockholm has become a global benchmark within city branding frequently referred to in international media.