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Honestly natural

“Working with Essen is like an amazing dream. We engaged them a week before our opening at Åhlens City. In one week they cracked our story, something we had tried to get in place for years, aligned our identity into something amazing and redid our retail concept. Did I say they handled the implementation? They turned a nightmare into a summer dream. The best people I have ever worked with”

Emanuel Kulhan, Owner

The problem

SqueezedUp has grown in size and offer. From one juice bar into five fully fledged restaurants serving high-end healthy foods. The brand however was still very much that of a startup juice bar.

Our ambition

We wanted to tell the story of honest and natural food, like it hadn’t been told before: directly, simply, honestly. No fuss, just good story telling and good design. We wanted to create a brand that people could relate to yet still look up to and feel inspired by. Our goal was to highlight SqueezedUp’s true purpose: respect for nature and for great ingredients. Communicated through both brand and experience.

Our process

BAM. We partnered with SqueezedUp to develop a new brand strategy, identity, retail concept, site, app, packaging, communication and everything else the brand needed. Developed and implemented. In one week. It was quite the sprint, but we managed to pull it off. Thank God we are a big studio.

The result

A story for the ages

Made with ingredients your eye can identify and your tongue can pronounce. With food that is bright and has good intentions. Food that grew from dirt, water and trees. You know, the earthy, soulful stuff. Food that is honest and natural.