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Everything starts with clean water

“The whole process was smooth and agile. The team at Essen was absolutely fantastic. They really managed to capture the essence of Solvatten. We are over the moon with the final result, both with the overall design and the digital site.”

David Wadström
Communication, Marketing & Fundraising

The problem

Solvatten is a non-profit organization that brings clean and safe water systems to customers, charities and distributors around the world. Solvatten uses technology to improve the environment and the lives of the people inhabiting it. Solvatten is the brainchild of the Swedish inventor Petra Wadström, and both Solvatten itself and its founder have been recognized through international and national awards. The organization and its inspiring cause are ever-expanding and as they keep on growing, it was time to align their physical and digital presence with one another. They needed a new website to inform and engage in a new way.

Our ambition

We set out to create a website that would reflect Solvatten’s role in the clean-tech field. Playful enough to engage and serious enough to communicate their cause, tailored to the needs of their users. A  design that would help build brand loyalty, establish Solvatten internationally and raise more money. An experience that is as great as their product and the brilliant people behind it.

Our process

We started out with doing research and created personas for the different user groups that are in contact with Solvatten. After pinning out the needs, pain points and motivations of the users, we realized that we needed to simplify the navigation and ease the access to key features. We reorganized the information architecture and created a new, more intuitive structure. Once we had figured out how to tackle the issues we started sketching potential layouts and design approaches. We went from pen and paper and low fidelity wire-framing to creating an interactive high-fidelity prototype.

The result

A website that utilizes Solvatten’s new brand identity while communicating and highlighting their story and cause in a more simple, visual and inviting way.