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A journey of aggressive growth

million visitors in 2014

revenues in 2014

“Essen International was an essential partner in SATS’s successful brand transformation journey in terms of insights and strategies as well as qualitative hands-on deliveries ranging from identity to physical interiors”

Eva Lundström
Group Marketing Manager

The problem

SATS entered the Scandinavian market in 1995 trying to claim a market share among previous national market leaders and local alternatives focusing on the not always so healthy concept of body-building. Having designed the previous Swedish market leader Friskis & Svettis in the late 1980s, we knew that the market was ready for something new; something aligned with the needs and wishes emanating from a new generation wanting to live their lives in a more healthy way. We saw the opening for a new progressive Scandinavian premium brand within the areas of health and fitness.

Our ambition

Our ambition was to redesign SATS to allow for a premium offer while still maintaining a broad market appeal – in three countries. To create a never before seen unisex experience with the best classes, trainers, venues and partners – brought in from around the world. We wanted to fuel SATS’s journey of aggressive growth with enthused customers during a period of increased pricing and, as a result, margins.

Our process

We helped SATS to define the core of their brand, to communicate it with a new identity, new product brands and a new retail concept. We partnered on implementation in three countries by designing employer branding, communication collateral, uniforms, furniture and a brand portal with a corresponding brand management program. And last but not least by partnering for 5 years of daily opportunities and obstacles.

The result

The result has trumped our initial ambition which is a rare thing to say. With the merger of Elixia, SATS today has over 160 venues throughout Scandinavia with more than 8 000 employees and is one of the largest fitness companies in Europe.