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Designing your future. Today.

Brand story

The world doesn’t change by itself. It’s changed by people who have the passion and power to do so. Tesla, Curie, the guy behind the bendable straw, the girl who invented the coffee filter, and so on.

Martin Gustavsson had that fire in his heart. When electricity was first introduced in Sweden, he and his team of engineers were there. Designing the future we now take for granted.

Fast-forward a century, and you’ll find that Martin’s great grandson and his team of engineers are doing the same today.

Sure, business has evolved. Our expertise too. All things digital are in focus. The health of our planet and the wellbeing of those who live on it is now a top priority.

But some things are still the same. Innovation is our passion. Our team is our resource. Versatile is what we are. Accelerating businesses is what we do. Increased value and profitability is what we offer. Lasting trust is our reward.

The first step in getting that trust is to simply ask you: what do you need? Where do you want to go? After that we plan our mutual journey, pave the road, and move forward. Together. Building by building. Cable by cable. Kilowatt by kilowatt. Kilobyte by kilobyte – we design your future. Today.

The problem

Rejlers has been at the forefront of technology for four generations. When electricity was first introduced in Sweden, the founder and his team were there. Designing the future we now take for granted. Today, his great grandson and his team continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible, always moving forward. But the brand hadn’t kept up the pace.

Our ambition

The Rejlers brand should communicate the energy and the pioneering spirit that have characterised their family and team of engineers for four generations. Also, it was important to show that the brand has evolved over the years. Kilobytes are now just as important as kilowatts. That had to show.

The process

The story of Rejlers is a great one. So, the first step in the process was to formulate the brand story. Then we developed the story into a new visual identity and implemented it all over the place, including a new website, motion design, printed material, working clothes and vehicle design.

The result

A brand full of energy and pioneering spirit. Just like the Rejlers family and their team.