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A great experience

brands left after a migration
of 9 brands and 14 websites

”We need to be clearer and increase the impact to reach our audiences. We can succeed if we have fewer names in the market”

Maria Hamrefors
former CEO of Norstedts Publishing Group

The problem

In 2008, the publishing group Norstedts defined a digital strategy involving new websites, apps, e-books, blogs and social media initiatives. However the strategy was difficult to implement. Norstedts was lost in a jungle of brands and didn’t know how to make sense of it all. We saw the opportunity to simplify and increase impact.

Our ambition

Our ambition was to increase impact and cost-effectiveness. To get there, Norstedts had to focus on end-users and keep organizational structures separate from brand structures. They also needed to cut down on brands. The rule was simple: no more brands than end-users need, and you are able to manage.

Our process

In collaboration with the management team, we designed a new brand architecture based on two brands for two distinct audiences – Norstedts for grown-ups and Rabén & Sjögren for kids. We designed brand platforms and visual identities for each brand. In the design process our boldest move was to suggest that the prestigious Norstedts brand should base their design concept on the well-known striped dictionary. We participated in the implementation of the two brands by providing brand education, guidelines and art direction.

The result

Nine publishing brands became two. A clear and efficient strategy with strong identities that helped Norstedts realize and continue their digital journey and make the most of brand investments regardless of channel.