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The Ocay alternative


in projected revenues

“The reception of Ocay! far exceeded my expectations”

Tomas Bergström

The problem

Investment firm Litorina brought together family-owned office retailers Gullbergs and Kontorsvaruhuset to form an entity strong enough to challenge the office supply market in Sweden. Then dominated by American Fortune 500s. There was a clear opportunity for a united, monolithic brand, standing for something unique in the market place: Scandinavian values in ethics and technology.

Our ambition

Gullbergs and Kontorsvaruhuset merged in 2013 with the ambition of combined strength in a market place characterized by strong American competition, new customer behaviour, fast tech development and industrial drive. Our ambition was to help the combined company with a brand architecture set for growth. We saw an undifferentiated market place with the potential for someone to stand out as something new and interesting.

Our process

We partnered to design a new monolithic brand architecture putting all strength into a new brand – Ocay! We helped Ocay! to define what its brand is about and how it’s different from its competitors with the notion of the sustainable solution. We helped to convey Ocay! with a new identity and communication collateral for a successful launch. We continued to partner on a new white-label brand with accompanying packaging. Last but not least, we partnered on educating their in-house department and aligning a full brand implementation.

The result

Ocay! is today Sweden’s leading office supply retailer with strong e-commerce and 37 physical retailers covering one of the longest nations in the world.